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Some of the unique characteristics of fascia gutters include:

  • the 5 & 1/2" depth of gutter made to cover a bare 2x4 sub fascia board

  • the 2 & 1/2" bottom making it stronger then the 5k profile

  • the riveted cut+tab mitered corner ( no strip required )

Some dimensions and info on 5k profile:

  • smaller depth of gutter 4" ( needs a finish fascia to mount upon )

  • 3 & 1/4' bottom making it easier to clean out when not using leaf guard.

  • Mitre stripped corners with riveted holes

The two types of leaf guard are Gutter Clean and T-Rex. Gutter Clean sits on top of your previous or new gutter and is screwed down with easily removed pan head screws while the T-Rex system is slid into the gutters prior to new install adding a massive amount of integral support. Click the links below to see!


We install  several types of gutter systems to suit your needs. If you are looking to cover your


standard 2x4 sub fascia or simply to have a deeper profile gutter, we offer our crown fascia style profile.

If you like the look of a bold fascia board under your gutter then try our Crown profile 5k gutters!

Both gutter sizes have the option of a gutter guard system that blocks out leafs and debris.

"Anything from gutter cleaning to tear off and re-install, we've got you covered" -John Stothers

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